Selfic Circuits

Selfica is both an art and a spiritual technology, created to enhance human potential and Synchronicity.

Selfic forces exist in the universe: they are a specific signal.

The field of Selfica has been rediscovered in Damanhur, one of the world’s largest spiritual communities, where the extraordinary Temples of Humankind have been built.

Selfica is based on the spiral, one of the foundational forms of our universe, as well as a precise mathematics of forms and proportions.

The founder of Damanhur, Falco Tarassaco (Oberto Airaudi 1950-2013), has developed different circuits in 18 kt yellow gold, and gave them to the Damanhurian goldsmiths.  The Oro Crea was later born. For years, Falco supported the Oro Crea’s team to improve their work.

Every circuit has functions related to the wellness and self-development of the individual.

Below, you can find an overview of the different kinds of Selfic circuits available.

Each one is activated to be in tune with your personal frequency. The activation requires your complete birth name and date of birth and it works through a high-technology instrument called a Sferoself. This is why for certain jewelry pieces, you need to send us your full name and date of birth. Selfic devices are activated thanks to the Temples of Humankind, which function as an antenna for the selection and use of Selfic energies.


We are complex beings composed of many aspects – which we also call personalities – that are moved by different desires, emotions and memories.

Nurturing inner harmony within us allows us to flow more naturally through events, in order to create a joyous life.

Inner balance is an indispensable foundation for cultivating serenity.

This circuit facilitates the harmonious manifestation of all the different parts of the wearer’s psyche, creating the ideal conditions for profound inner dialogue and personal expression.


It helps to create harmonious and balanced energy fields to support relationships, making communication fluid and effective.

It facilitates empathic communication and also understanding and connection with others.

Increases the feeling of self-confidence and allows for a clear and focused sharing of ideas and words with others.

It also works on inner communication, improving the relationship we have with ourselves.


It helps to develop imagination (a characteristic that only human beings have), the capacity to dream, and the ability to travel through the astral planes.

It increases sensitivity and perceptions of subtle realities that are not supported by physical form.

It creates a psychic protection during astral travel.

It trains particular functions of your energy bodies.


Our body is a potentially perfect tool, but when we expose it to excessive stress, it needs support.

This circuit enhances energetic defenses, improving the reactivity of the body and helping to support the immune system.

It also helps travelers to overcome the effects of jet-lag, and it is also effective in supporting the body through seasonal changes.


Combines four important functions in just one circuit:
* Support for overall well-being
* Transformation of energy frequencies that create destructive interference and may negatively affect the aura
* Protection from electromagnetic fields (mobile phones, computers, etc.)
* Balancing of sensitivity and emotional reactions, fine-tuning of intuition