Multifunctions Strenght in the Balance


A powerful and elegant Selfic ally for your personal evolution.

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This bracelet is a real high-tech Selfic work that allows you to combine many functions that have been tested and implemented in 40 years of Damanhurians research.

The artistic base of the bracelet is made with the noble lunar metal which is silver 625, that brings the feminine aspect into the jewelry piece . The whole structure of the circuits it’s made with yellow 18 kt gold, which is considered to be a solar metal and represents the masculine aspect.


The functions of the bracelet are:

* improving communication within ourselves and towards the others

* increasing the vital energy so that finally also the immune system gets stronger

* transforming the negative frequencies in energies that are useful to us

* balancing our energies in general for our wellbeing

* to protect against magnetic fields and radiations from devices as computers and mobile phones

* balancing our sensitivity.


The big oval citrine gem, placed on a round plate of dotted 925 silver, colours with yellow aura the bracelet.

On the side of the bracelet, you have two yellow 18 kt gold sacred language signs that represent the archetypef of the masculine and feminine energy, bringing a natural balance of these forces inside of you.

This is a unique piece supposed to be like a good friend: it is really a living jewel, because of the Selfic preparation. Since the jewel is charged on your personal frequency, he works in symbiosis with you only. Your relationship with the bracelet will deepen in time.

This jewel is born to convey and spread very high frequencies. You can use the brecelet to amplify your senses also in your meditations: you can take advantage of the possibility to open up your mind to completely new logics – Selfic friends can do also this for us!