Potence of the Joy


An ode to joy and pleasure as masters for your evolution.

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This is an important and elegant snake shaped ring all made in 18 kt yellow gold.

It carries a red ruby gem in the snake “head”, and 51 diamonds (0,7 kt) on the “body”.

The sacred language symbol for Joy and Pleasure reacall the spiritual side of these state of consciousness in your daily life.

The snake is one of the oldest and most widespread mythological symbols, harbinger of transformation, rebirth and immortality. It represents fertility and creative life force either.

The snake is considered a potent guardian of sacred places: and your body is your worthiest temple!

Many ancient symbols used by millions of people around the world, in these changing times, can still be symbols and forces that are entering our collective consciousness to help guide our future. Selfica connects to this new flow of forces. Through Selfica we are able to tap into energies and symbols active in our times. Selfica connects us to the life- force of nature to increase our vitality and well-being, and to cosmic forces to amplify Synchronicity and your ability to interact with the energies of the Conscious Universe in which we live.

More than a jewelry piece, this is an ally for your life!