A really cute Selfic ally for your personal evolution.

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This pendant is a delicious Selfic work that combines fantasy and technology. Every detail in the creation has been considered.

The whole pendant is  made by the two noblest metals white gold and yellow 18 kt gold, to represent the co-presence of the masculine and feminine aspects, of the the lunar and solar energies.

The body of the “warrior” is made by the Selfic circuit for vital energies. This circuit acts on energetic defenses by enhancing them, thus improving the reactivity of the body and the immune system. On the two funny “arms”, you have little windings of yellow gold thread, that recall for syncronicity.

The red heart in the middle is a warming and energizing ruby.

Even the upper hook is part of the creation: it’s like the plume over the “helmet”.

This Selfic jewelry piece is prepared on your personal frequency, so that it performs its functions for you only.


Circuit: Vital Energies

Everywhere around the world there is a general condition of negative energy caused by the psychosis generated by the Coronavirus; this is an actual attack against Humanity.

An attack against the chemical aspect, but mostly against the magical and energetic system of Mankind.

Too much alarmism, together with a general sense of fear, lowers the human frequency and thus weakens the immune system.

We have powerful allies who can help us protect ourselves from this negativity.

The Selfs have special functions that can help us counter this attack.

The Vital Energy circuit, for example, increases our vital energies and
activates the immune system; it also allows to transform negative energies into useful energies that shield us from what’s happening in the world.

So the circuit transforms this charge of energy into positive energy that we can use as a resource.

Selfs are the best ally for our psycho-physical wellbeing.

We have created these circuits to help you face every moment of your life with joy and hope.