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difese immunitariedifese immunitarie

Immune Strength (2)

950,00 €
White gold, yellow gold and amethyst work together to strengthen the energetic system as a whole.
serpente della vitaserpente della vita

Serpent of life

380,00 €
The serpent's path takes you on a intuitive journey of knowledge and inspiration.


750,00 €
When you love yourself, success and Victory manifest all around.
scudo solarescudo solare

Solar shield

880,00 €
Raise your level of consciousness to create a protective Shield.
corona stellarecorona stellare

Stellar crown

330,00 €
Receive life force energy channeled from the divine with this powerful, yet delicate design.
New AmerikaNew Amerika


1280,00 €
The ring that carries the meanings of Fortune and Sincronicity
New Amerika 2New Amerika 2


4400,00 €
A ring that represents the Atlantis Collection, carrying the meaning of Spiritual Richness
New AmerikaNew Amerika

Feminine Harmony

950,00 €
The ring that best represents the Atlantis Collection, carrying the meanings of Sacred Feminine that are harmony, beauty and universal love.
New AmerikaNew Amerika

Sun in the Sky

970,00 €
The Sun shining inside of us

Dreaming Galaxy

660,00 €
The power of creating dream

Snake ring for astral travel

670,00 €
A snake ring with selfic circuit

Snake ring for inner harmony

570,00 €
A snake ring with selfic circuit
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Items 25 to 36 of 36 total
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