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testa di pan 01testa di pan 01

Head of Pan

680,00 €
Connect to nature with the joyous music and knowledge of the divinity Pan.
sogno 01sogno 01


880,00 €
Reconnect to your inner dream sense with this ring of wrapping gold threads and a single emerald.
ponte divino 01ponte divino 01

Divine Bridge

940,00 €
Cross the bridge into divine union with this yellow gold ring with hexagon design and ruby center.
occhio ra 01occhio ra 01

The Eye of Ra

480,00 €
The everseeing Eye of Ra encased in silver promotes protection, good health and so much more.
energia vitale 01energia vitale 01

Vital Energy

720,00 €
The spiral stages of life take you on a journey of fulfilling experiences.
felicita 01felicita 01


680,00 €
Follow the serpent as he shows you the way toward happiness through knowledge.
anello del soleanello del sole

Sun Ring

750,00 €
Find infinite ways to answer the call to act that comes up from within with every sunrise.


1200,00 €
Attract new friends and develop common values that unite ideas and people.

Little Serpent

420,00 €
Are you ready to accept the wisdom and knowledge of the universe?
serpente scarlattoserpente scarlatto

Scarlet Serpent

666,00 €
Spiral curves guide the flow of synchronic events to help you on your path.
spirale di prosperita_1spirale di prosperita_1

Prosperity Spiral

650,00 €
Ring made of white and yellow gold with a big ruby. The symbol of prosperity lays on a double spiral.
pensiero fantasticopensiero fantastico

Fantastic Thoughts

850,00 €
Beautiful double spiral design connects you to inspiration and fantasy, harmonizing thoughts.
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Items 13 to 24 of 36 total
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