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3 spirali 013 spirali 01


440,00 €
Connect to the synchronic energy flow
peyda rubypeyda ruby

Ring of Talents

1200,00 €
By encouraging self-realization
scarab smaltscarab smalt

Scarab royal

440,00 €
Sacred and ancient symbol of protection
ispirazione 01ispirazione 01

Inspiration Ring

220,00 €
Be inspired by the connection your spiritual being makes with prophecy.
diam giallodiam giallo

Kingship female

3500,00 €
Infinite light female
vittoria nella vita 01vittoria nella vita 01


1100,00 €
Inspired to act with love attracts infinite success and friendships.
falco tel 01falco tel 01

Falcon TEL

980,00 €
Feel the warmth and protection of the sun from this Egyptian falcon with diamonds and central ruby.
3 ori 013 ori 01

Three Gold Ring

660,00 €
Graceful elegance brings you into contact with the energies of the universe.
due lune 01due lune 01

Two Moons

450,00 €
Find truth within the thick haze of your dreams and emotions.
difese immunitarie 01difese immunitarie 01

Immune Strength

540,00 €
Enhance and protect the immune system with Selfic circuitry and rubies.
quattro elementi 01quattro elementi 01

Four Elements

480,00 €
Call upon the four directions in this classic ring with two-toned Selfic spirals.
maschera atlandide 01maschera atlandide 01

Atlantis Mask

330,00 €
Hand-sculpted gold and silver ring bearing a scarab beetle, an ancient symbol of wisdom and fortune.
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Items 1 to 12 of 36 total
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