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Mastery Pendant

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The masterpiece of the Collection, more than a jewel, a magical instrument
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The 100 gr jewel, 8 cm diameter, is made of by the 3 kind of gold: white, red and yellow.


To amplify the power of the jewel you have 5 sacred language signs that strengthen the concept of Mastery.


Fine spiraling windings alla over the ideograms work as centralizers or synchronicity.


The basic shape is a big spiral that has its origin in the centre of the jewel and expands to create a base that gives support to all the other shapes.


The precious stone that represents the heart of the pendant is a really pure Tanzanite, that lies in a flourished rose.


You see 8 rays that from the middle of the jewel project outwards, 4 goes to the left side and 4 to the right side, spreading the energies of the jewels.


The spiritual engine of the gewel is a Selfic Circuit.


You can notice a discreet chalice in the lowest part of the pendant: the archetypical symbol contains and processes the meanings of the whole jewel.


On the back side of the pendant, we find the spiritual living engine of the gewel: two powerful Selfic circuits.