Care of Selfic Jewerly

All Selfica objects are prepared in order to conduct intelligent energies that are in tune with their users and have beneficial effects. This is the reason why they do not need to be cleansed on an energetic level, because any possible energetic waste is constantly transformed and eliminated.

OroCrea jewelry can be worn both day and night. However, keeping them in your aura, for example on a bedside table, is enough for them to carry ouit their function during the night.

We advise you to remove Selfic jewelry before swimming or taking a bath or shower, because the metals and gemstones can be damaged.

If you continue to use Selfic items, they remain active indefinitely.

We recommend cleaning the jewelry periodically and professionally. If you come to Oro Crea or send your jewelry to our studio, we can take care of cleaning them. The service is at your expenses.

We can simply polish your jewelry piece or do an ultrasonic cleansing to remove any dirt and attain a perfect luster.

We can provide a complete refurbishing to eliminate scratches and restore the original splendor and preciousness of your jewelry. This treatment includes the polishing and cleaning of the item.

Do you have a piece of jewelry you want to transform?

We can repair, resize, engrave and transform all kind of jewelry piece!